IODP Expedition 386

Japan Trench Paleoseismology

Tracking past earthquakes in the sediment record

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Fight against the Kuroshio

The Kuroshio Current is the western boundary current flowing northward along the Asian continental margin from the subtropical to the subarctic NW Pacific. Kuroshio means black (‘kuro’) stream (‘shio’) in Japanese owing to the black colour of its surface water.

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Breaking records: Deepest of the Deep

14 May 2021: Exp. 386 reached two new depth records in Scientific Ocean Drilling & Coring breaking water depth record from 1978 (DSDP Leg 60 Site 461) and the deepest sub-sea level sample record from 2012 (IODP Exp. 343).

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The IODP Expedition 386 Japan Trench Paleoseismology
April 2021

This expedition is being jointly implemented by the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD), Science Operator (ESO),
and the Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering (MarE3)
within the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).

Mission-specific platform

IODP Expedition 386 in numbers




drill sites

7-8 km

water depth

40 m

drilling depth


day offshore

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